by Noah Young

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released June 12, 2015

Noah Young - Guitar, Vocals, Bass on track 3

Wayne Redden - Drums, Recording/Mixing Engineer

Jeremy Buethe - Bass on tracks 1, 2, and 4

Gabriel Lubowe - Keys on "Bird on a Wire"

Honor Witke - Background Vocals on "Thick Black Paint"

Mark Howson - Album Artwork



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Noah Young Valencia, Spain

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Track Name: Green
I’ve been turning green
I’ve got lonely island dreams
when I get lonely, it’s obscene
how a fear can grow where a conscience should be

‘cause my baby’s a raft
we’re floating straight into the black
but she wears me like a cast
yeah we all got heart ’tip it’s broken in half

don’t get mad
start drinking like your dad did
it’s not as bad as you said

I’ve been seeing red
since you told me what he said
but I dug a hole instead
you thought that I was better off for that

and I’m working on a scene
I think you’ll know it when you see it
where I’m a castle, you’re a queen
and you find a seat in the better part of me

so don’t get creeped
if I call frequently
‘cause when you need what you need, you need it now

I’ve been turning green…
Track Name: The Doctor, the Gardener, and the Judge
no one recalled where the doctor had walked
when he failed to show up for an afternoon meeting
all more concerned, when no word was heard
we went out looking, later that evening

and the moon was hung high, but provided no light
as we walked through the garden, searching the beds
his wife, how she screamed and muddied her knees
when we came to a jacket all tattered and red

she said," Murderer, who could you be,
to take all my meaning from me?
I was a bird in a nest, now I don't have a thing.
so tell me then, who could you be?"

I was asleep when the gardener came clean
he said "I buried him under a pile of leaves
'cause the sun was so hot when it burned through the trees
I did it for reasons unbeknownst to me"

"so reckoner, what will it be?
you can't take me freedom from me.
'cause I've never been sure what the word really means.
can you tell me then, what does it mean?"

so the trial commenced the first morning in april
the good judge presiding asked how he was able
to look like a man and walk among people
"when you're so much less than, and so full of evil"

the gardener replied without blinking an eye
that the problem was only that nobody liked
to be shown what it means to live with a longing
for a place you remember, but can't ever find on a map

how could you feel no regret
for such an unthinkable mess
you're gonna hang with a rope round your neck
and I'll sleep better known that
Track Name: Thick Black Paint
I saw a face
buried hot and heavy in a pillow case
when I came awake
there was an empty space where a woman I knew was laid

I made the trade
my pride for blurred lines and apathy
but I know the game
you got two white pills, I got a bucket of thick black paint

thick black paint

so what does it take
to burn a hole straight through you and the wall you made
well I found a way
you got two white pills I got a bottle of anything


for every fever dream on a bathroom floor
There's a broken lock on a bathroom door

for every hour spent in a plastic mold
there's an hour left and an hour more

for every tired step in the autumn cold
there's a word that's kept in a closed up throat

for every half lid stare at bare white wall
there's the selfish fear that I need it all

well I don't tend to sleep that well when you're around
Track Name: Bird on a Wire
you always walk around like you're leaving

and everyone knows you got nowhere to go,
and when you talk, you talk like you're reading
you say it so often, I'm losing the meaning

but I never said that I didn't believe it
it sounds like a lie when I know you've been drinking

its always the same like a movie repeating 

I'm still around if you think that you need it

don't look so confused

I've always been cruel

this is nothing new

don't look so confused

I've never been a victim of reason

I slept in the car, I shook at the station

man it's a sin, it's the dirtiest trick

to dig up a meaning and leave in the morning

don't cut me loose

I've always been confused

this is nothing new

don't cut me loose

green eyes, they look red in the light

and they hang round my mind like a bird on a wire

and you don't get defeated by what you don't need

so I don't have to sleep and you don't have to eat
Track Name: I'd Leave it Alone
I am the picture of careless and comfortable

a smoldering coal glowing hotter than coal can glow

and I thought it was strange how you claimed it was possible

to think you know something so well when you probably don’t

but I know you go where you want to go

I know you go where you want to go

what did you think you would say to alleviate

the persistent pull from the ground towards the outer space

when something just breaks its much easier to make an escape

than admit you’ve been standing in line just to walk away

I know you go where you want to go

I know you go where you want to go

I am the picture of failure to orchestrate
a healthier way to remain with what I can’t change or trade

white collar drugs in an effort to simulate

a feeling of falling so fast you can’t replicate

I know I don’t always do what I ought to do

I know I don’t always do what I ought to do

so what do you do when you lose track of where you’re going

stumbling around asking strangers the way to get home

and I guess thats my fault for believing what no one could know

and putting the things that I want under microscopes

but I had this dream that my fingers were falling off

you said it would sting for a bit, then the holes would close

but its not like me to just go when I know I should go

knowing the things that I know, its not probable

I know I don’t know you the way that I want to

I know I don’t know you the way that I want to

I’d leave it alone if I thought that you wanted it

I’d leave it alone if I thought I could stomach it

I know you go where you wanna go

I wanna go where you wanna go