by Noah Young

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released August 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Noah Young Valencia, Spain

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Track Name: I've Been Turnin' Green
I've been turning green
I've got lonely island dreams
when I get lonely, it's obscene
how a fear can grow where a conscience should be

'cause my baby's a raft
and we're floating straight into the black
but she wears me like a cast
yeah, we all got heart 'til it's broken in half

but don't get mad
and start drinkin' like your dad did
its not as bad as you said

I've been seeing red
since you told me what he said
but I dug a hole instead
you thought that I was better off for that

and I'm working on a scene
I think you'll know it when you see it
where I'm a castle, you're a queen
and you find a seat in the better part of me

so don't get creeped
if I call frequently
'cause when you need what you need, you need it now

I've been turning green...
Track Name: Colorado
how can I explain the way I let it all just slide?
eight straight weeks of drink can put a fever in your mind
but it's already been said, there's better ways to fill your time
they said go west to Colorado where your sorrow only lasts for a while
out to rocky Colorado, where the mountains grow for miles and miles

but there's a phrase you should remember, more than once I've heard it said
that your loneliness can bind you, fill your stomach full of lead
in the crystal careless morning, she will find you even then
so it's off to Colorado, gonna find a way to shrink my head
off to Whiskey, Colorado, I'm turnin' all my blue blood red

'cause you do what you have to, to reconcile the news
that there's no freedom or faith in having nothing there to lose
and even costless embrace is still a cause for a despute
but then you already knew that, didn't you?

but you're a different story with affections made of ice
they can chill you in the evening, just to melt off in the light
say even I with all my pining will just move along in time
so you're off to Colorado, where that opium sun always shines
out in Codeine, Colorado they got the empty space to fill up your mind

so go and do what you have to to get a better view
go ahead and tie yourself down to a softer shade of blue
but so much red wine and pills, they can cut you in two
but then you already knew that, didn't you?

so how can I explain the way I need you to stay here?
I've been spinning myself stuck over that same old selfish fear
that your empty pocket love, it don't hold out another year
'til I get back to Colorado, and that crystal Colorado mountain air
there's a girl in Colorado, she got Colorado flowers in her hair
Track Name: Well, it was a good run.
kid, you're gonna learn
tonight, or eventually how hot a fever can burn
when you feed it with poetry and hate for what you lack, but think you've earned
you always hated to sit back and wait your turn

I am a bird
and a living example that no sleep will get you the worm
I hope you noticed that I wasn't seeing straight for what it's worth
it's the easy claim to make when someone gets hurt

but it's only worse
if you did it first

mom, I was wrong
to build up an alter to myself and call it a song
but I'm only at fault if someone else finds a way to get involved
its the easy thing to place the blame upon

but oh, c'mon
you were having such a good run
Track Name: No One Knows Where She's Been
no one knows where she's been
the lock on the door says she found a new friend
none of us thought much then
it's much easier to hope for the best

we'd been drinkin' a bit
we got friends in the city and the day to sleep in
it's funny how time can suspend its spin
and pick up without consequence

he said, 'I only took what was mine
invested in someone, who wasted my time
I just need you so bad it's a crime
so I don't really get why you're crying
just give it the day, you'll be fine.'

so in the morning, she woke
naked limbs on a pile of clothes
old enough now to know
that everyone gets what they're owed

'If you're feeling sick, you should go.'
Sarah says from a room down the hall
you've been sleeping all day, and it's time to head home
they're all leaving, I thought you should know

she says, 'Nothing happened to me
these evenings are fleeting, and gone so suddenly
I don't question what I couldn't see
it's an easier way to be
it's much easier that way for me.'

so what did I expect?
that all good intentions could outweigh the rest
well, I hope you know that it's not like you said
I won't walk while you're holding the thread
I won't leave you to pick it up again
Track Name: Hand to the Clay
I can explain
the sound that I made
and how I fill up the days
with numbing up my brain

It's a scene from a play
it's a stage that I made
while you made a bird
and threw it away

I am ashamed
of the picture I paint
so I gave it a shape
put my hands to the clay

panicked and dazed
oh, the meaning you create
from a hand on your face
I asked you to stay

so how do you hold
your head in that pose
Cross legged, cold
little girl, getting old

I know
you don't need it at all
but when its all burning down
I'll be around

I'll be around