by Noah Young

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released May 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Noah Young Valencia, Spain

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Track Name: It Wouldn't Kill You
hopefully the thought will be enough
to settle all the debts and leave a mark
much more probably the thought of me is gone
left out like a dog in the yard

what was it I hoped that I would see
a picture of a little boy, he's standing next to me
he says, "man I thought you used to be so tall"
well I got smaller when I gave up

'cause anything you need can find a way to cut your pride
despite my moving speeches it just wasn't me this time
but there's no t-shirt you can wear and know where your home actually lies
you can trust me, I have tried

so hopefully some thought can come to me
I've been mostly asleep for several weeks
it's not unheard of to start asking what it's for
I get so bored waiting for you to get bored

and anything you see can be a way to fill a hole
it's better for the team if you can avoid being home
if all your proverbs fail you, I guess, then go with what you know
but it wouldn't kill you to try sleeping alone
Track Name: Two Dead Dogs
are you all of my fear?
leaving me
can it be

oh, my need
on who will you feed?
when I am far
in the safety of my baby's

how do they grow so long
around me
when I sleep, when I sleep

how I keep
such astranged company
and stay afloat
I don't know, I don't know

I don't

there were two dead dogs
laying out there on the lawn
you cannot have what you want
you cannot have what you want

was it you
that led me to conclude
that there's no use
in making new out of old

what a pose
what a note I can hold
till I get cold
and go home

there were two dead dogs
I was one and you were one
bearing two dead pups
and I reached in and pulled them out of you

we were two dead dogs
flies eatin' at our paws
what useless thought
you cannot have what you want
Track Name: I know you too well(you know me too well)
the sentiment hit me pretty hard
taking over the handle bars
and a meaning, it found me in the street

I was your loyal guard
and you were my purple heart
something I could pin on and know everything

then, I know you too well to really say what I mean
oh, I know you too well to really say anything

I drew a map, there, of every bruise
you were sitting so quietly unenthused
I do not blame you for getting bored

oh, my armor, my vanity
it's no match for your apathy
and my holy identity sitting so far from me

you know me too well to really say what you need
and you know me too well to expect anything

(standard "oooh" section)

It's always the irony
that takes you so finally
my words taste worse coming from you

I know it too well to think it anything new
I know it too well to think it any less true
Track Name: "Rejoice in what you have made"
man, you aren't making it easy
didn't you cut me loose?

my knees get bruised from our speaking
what have you to say to that

what choice did I really have?
what choice did I really have?

man, I see through you so clearly
and it isn't Me you are seeking

and it's just like you to speak for Me
to claim everything easy as holy

rejoice in what you have made
rejoice in what you have made