by Noah Young

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released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Noah Young Valencia, Spain

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Track Name: Strange New Point of View
I am everything you thought I might be
wearing every piece of clothing that you bought for me
what a sight to see
what a sight

on that evening we were far as could be
pointing at me from the wheel you told me
I was wrong, I was just running away
you said

"wait for the winter and the cold
honey those nights drill holes in your bones
this is the glory of being alone
maybe then you will pick up your phone"

I've been working on a plan to make some
alterations to an empty kingdom
I'm half way there, I was
half way there when I wrote it down

I've got an ideology, a bottle empty
you found a lover keeping lungs more healthy
he don't smoke, no, he don't choke on his words

what a strange new point of view
to find out that I was the cage you climbed into
it's amazing what empty space will do
to fill up the holes in the things you swore you knew
Track Name: Home
you hold my hope
with such callous repose
so I coated my throat in
sounds we'd both know

there was a home, there was a home
there was a home
brittle as bone, thicker than stone
where could it go?

I buried my tongue
and cleaned out my lungs
what arrogant love
leaves me holding a gun

cause I had a home I had a home
but I only see
the washing of hands washing of hands
clean of me

so what am I to do with myself
shaking like a bird on the ground
skyward striving carries me down

what does it mean
to love and hold loose
cause I never knew
I never knew
Track Name: Don't Change Your Mind
How does it taste
Mouthfuls of lines always going untraced
It's the compromise you make for wasting time
And for wasted time

I made a plan digging holes in the wall with my arm
Spitting curses at no one at all
Turning from me you said
"Let it be, It will be, let it be"

Baby don't change your mind on me

Strung out on need and pleading to speak
I couldn't see, I could not see
Such a bold line between you and I
You made a child, no, I made a child, out of me

What an amazing thing to be the reason for your own defeat
I saved a sound for times like these
The fear of a cage repeats what a meaningless scene
What a meaningless thing to be

Baby don't change your mind on me
Track Name: How it Goes
what a way to make a point
to take and anoint
my head with all this noise

I made such a terrible mistake
thinking I could stay awake
in such a tranquilizing place

What was it you said again?
"This is not an end.
It's not something you forget."

well don't get mad if it seems like I'm laughing
'cause it only seems to get
funnier in retrospect

cause morning falls making fools of us all
I was drunk with all my need
and I think I just need to sleep it off

so is that how it goes?
that I am the lowest burning coal
the heat you need until you don't
baby, that's just how it goes

and that's what you get
for trying to tame your neediness
and make a lens out of it
so don't you even begin

don't you even…
Track Name: What I Want
so one final cadence
for all my attempts at righting wrongs
patience for patience
the trading went on and on and on and on

we were just children
when I was an anchor, a psalm
buried in buttons
I looked for you under the stalks

oh that was all I could want

you were not awake then
to see the hesitation in my arm
your head under a blanket
I turned my face to the wall

what a difference it must make
to quote a simple phrase and see it all
to gather up the weight, gather up the weight
and let it fall

but I want it all, I want it all

so one final cadence
for all of my reaching and want
peace to the evening
peace like the morning will come

when your blood is heating
and pulse it is beating like a drum
peace she will find you
when all of my reaching is gone

and that is all I could want